Cape Ads And Alternatives

November 28, 2017


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All modern internet users will at one time or another need to visit an online classifieds site. The reasons differ because some might want to sell items, products or services whilst others will want to buy. Whatever your reason for needing a classifieds site be sure to know that you will probably find just what you are looking for – and more!

In the past consumers needed to advertise their products in newspapers, or other cumbersome forms of printed media where space was at a premium and came with a commensurate cost. Thankfully, the internet has changed all that so now it is quite affordable for the average person to upload an ad and see if they can find a buyer. The whole process takes only a few mnutes and often costs nothing more than the time you spent uploading an ad. There are also ways to maximise the benefits of your listing by increasing its exposure such as by moving it up in the search results or otherwise making it more prominent.

Internet users have become so used to the online classifieds that these sites are often the most popular in a particular area of geographic region. For instance in South Africa alone there are at least two major classifieds players and these include gumtree and junkmail. In the Cape Area there is “Cape Ads” which appears to be affiliated with Junkmail given that it has a similar logo.

There are surprisingly alternatives to the usual classifieds site that are worth knowing about. Let’s say you were interested in buying or selling real estate and you did not want to use a classifieds interface then there are other options like using a property portal. South Africa has lots of different property portals such as, and to name a few. They all share the common feature that they are specialised sites that allow users to list property by their features and allow users to search for specific region or qualities.

So whatever your reasons for wanting to use a classifieds there is a site out there for you. It pays to do some initial research just to find one that has lots of listings and a decent amount of traffic – after all you don’t want to list your item, or property where no one is going to find it. Once you have made the listing it’s time to sit back and let the classifieds to its work.

When you do get a reply be sure to answer the enquiry accurately and completely. Buyers do not want to be sucked into buying products they don’t need or which don’t meet their personal requirements so honesty here is key.

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