Memory Foam Topper For Your Comfortible And Healthy Sleep

November 28, 2017


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Memory foam topper have many sizes, it standard sizes has three; queen, king, and twin, moreover memory foam topper also has thickness varies; two, three, or four inches. You can spend your money from $38 to $600 for memory foam topper, depending on your require of thickness and sizes.

Memory foam topper has been developed by NASA back in 1970’s to help the astronaut’s flight chair with something during lift off of the G-forces, pressure point. Nowadays, medical facilities and hospitals using memory foam topper for the patient’s bed since they found memory foam topper worked so well, and after that public used it. The memory foam topper allows absorption of equal weight because it is made from visco-elastic layers, no matter if the person weigh is fifty or ninety, it will be the same.

Memory foam topper has two types, the first one is liquid poured form into trays that allowed to cool, it is called Novaform. Any depression or movement of the mattress foam topper are can be reduced by Novaform, that is why the advertisement of Novaform in television is like there is a person and a glass of wine, the person jump on the bed and the wine never tipped over. The memory foam topper has been consumer’s popular choice. There is a problem with the old one of memory foam toppers, it dispersing body heat. And the new technology used from visco-elastic will increase the airflow that will cause body heat move away. Novaform also has a machine washable feature and warranty.

There will be no area or homeway for dust mites because it has no high humidity area, that is another benefit from memory foam topper. You may already know that those disgusting bugs live on your cells of dead skin. Such reducing from the allergies, problem of respiratory or asthma may caused by that. So this memory foam topper will make you bug free sleep.

There is a competitive manufacturer to Novaform, Sleep Aid. Liquid form foam poured causes memory foam topper to become denser from the bottom to the top, Sleep Aid believed. Vacuum chamber which is produced to ensure its memory foam uniform density has been discovered as a new technique. So Novaform’s chemical makeup and density can still produce hot spots. Heat Reduction Channels System finishing process from Sleep Aid therefore cuts the ventilation grooves deep into the pad surface, and circulating air can keep you feel cooler. If you want to sleep more comfortable, your bedroom’s temperature must not reach more than 65 degrees.

I purchased memory foam topper in 2007 and it was my best choice for my sleep. I wish i will buy a new one sooner, it makes my sleep comfort and i feel stiffness in the morning or back pain no more. I feel like i am in a cocoon, comfortable and warm. But there is one complaints of memory foam topper that makes me keep my bedroom’s temperature much lower, it does absorb your body heat, and to keep the air circulated i am also using a ceiling fan.

Just like another new products, first time you have your memory foam topper, you will smell a chemical thing from the fabrique for a short time. Do not forget to check on the lenght of your memory foam topper, most of them are cut about one to two inches short. This thing allows to fit your sheets better.

For the summary of those article, once again memory foam topper will not allow bed bugs or dust mites to live in it, there will be no more allergy. I recommend memory foam topper for anyone in the hospital, suffering back pain, or on bed rest. I have no idea if i do not have this in my bedroom, i will purchase another of this soon for my family. And for the grandchildrens, they will not be disturbing their parent’s bed during the night if they got a memory foam topper.