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Top 7 Website Design Tips That Improve Bounce Rate

November 28, 2017


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“Bounce rate” a word itself mean that people land on the website ditch it right away and don’t bother to visit another web pages.

Daily online users visit thousands of websites but spend less than a minute on the majority of them. They come to the website and move away very quickly from the site. You need to develop web pages creation and development from the experts.

To overcome the problem, we need a solution for the same. An experts tip has been shared here in this blog that makeover your website design and get the expected results to you.

Top 7 tips will change your website bounce rate

1) Analyse your bounce rate

Do some research to find out the bounce rates for specific keywords. If your webpage is optimized highly for a keyword with a higher bounce rate, your conversion rate will suffer accordingly. Choose keywords that are directly pertinent to your content but have lower bounce rates – and abandon keywords with high bounce rates.

Services like Google Analytics give you an in-depth analysis of your website’s visitors and you can use the information to reduce your bounce rate. For instance, your analytics might tell you that the majority of bouncers are using Firefox. While running your web page in Firefox, you might discover that the browser wasn’t rendering your page completely.

2) Attract visitors to your website

The best way to promote your site and spread the word is letting your visitors interact with it using social media. By allowing visitors to tweet about your articles, check out what people are saying about your website content. Social media encourages participation on the users’ end which is effective to keep them on the page longer.

Well-designed websites with high-quality content find their own audience and keep them coming back for more. As a web designer, the design choices you make can have a significant effect on the bounce rate.

3) Content is king

If you want to extend the time visitors spend on your website, you need to present your content to them in a continuous flow. A page continuation is necessary to move further to visit the entire website and for that, you need to put slideshow, gallery etc.

Unique, high-quality and current content is essential for good ranking in search engines like Google. During the early days of the Internet, websites were able to achieve a high ranking just by loading the text with keywords. Since then, Google has provided new updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird that rate quality content increasingly higher. A variety of factors influences the ranking.

4) Easier navigation for visitors

To make your site easy to navigate, you will first have to find out how a visitor will search for a particular product or information on your website. A lot of times the website’s navigation is not put together by professional web designers. Website navigation is an important aspect when it comes to reducing the bounce rate because it has the potential to retain the visitors, keeping them engaged and pursuing them through the conversion process. If your site has strong site navigation then it becomes easy for the visitors to find the information or the products they were looking for.

5) Internal linking effect on marketing strategy

The internal linking has a lot of benefits to do and can get more for the use of on the same page once you mentioned the links inside. The internal linking is one of the parts which also known as effortless marketing for an entire website because it takes all the web pages internal links inside the same page.

The internal link which has fixed inside the web page. From the same web page to get a jump on another web page could possible through an internal link.

6) Responsive designs

Similar to the browser issue, your high bounce rate could be because of another technical problem: an unresponsive web page.

You must have a website that works better at user experience once they access from the mobile. The multiple mobile users are arising day by day and accessing web apps from the device. There are a bunch of great responsive WordPress themes you can choose from and, thanks to CSS 3, designing with flexibility is a lot easier these days.

7) Multimedia usage inside the website

The cultural implications aside, this is also an unfortunate development for the web. Now, more than ever, the text is the most repelling manner of communication. We want to see visuals, hear music and play games but what we don’t want to do is read. Because visuals can quickly generate curiosity and interest, they encourage your visitors to read what you have to say and find out more.

Top 9 Elements of a Successful Business Website

November 28, 2017


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A term itself inherits the meaning by suggesting various technical points to be eye-on for improving web audience. We are going to converse here for successful website tips. That day has just gone away where the simple business description was enough for the user on a website. To be “on screen n on the game” you must be updated and run your website with the current trend.

A perfect podium & the way for the business success is to have a website. Imagine your business without an effective website is the impossible to connect with far places around the space. The most important thing you should keep in mind is to pay the required attention that your that your website deserves because an ineffective website does nothing more than wasting your time and money.

Vision clearity is indeed

Your goal should be clear with your business requirements. List it out the queries about what you want on website. In which you need to mention that why are you designing your website? What outcome you expect from the web and any more?

For a long journey here in the web world, identify your goals and strategies are the first step of the beginning. Niche, name, logo, title and tagline of your website depend upon the goals.

Decorate your homepage better

One of the best moment which is surprisingly generate traffic of your website by visiting his & herself cause of impressing them within first ten seconds. It is winning situation once people land on your website and among all 90 % of people will choose you because of they impressed with your web appearance.

Fix the call to action button

Call to actions include a ‘Contact us’ button or display of contact numbers, or request a quote. You have a visitor on the website interested in your service.

Call to action must be designed in the way that visitors during the tour to your website in order to seek information should know more about the product and services you offer simultaneously. Experienced web design service provider always add contact info in top right and footer with their quick links in valuable web contents.

Content is king

Content matters! How? The content on the web has very valuable importance for the web viewers. Every website get success due to the proper content accomodate in side the web pages. The proper and visitors demanding content will be engage them.

What make interest to know more about your business? The only way to get them to your about by providing relevant information through content in your website.

Responsive webview

You all know that people use smartphones in regular life in these days. If you don’t want to stay behind from your competitors, you should also prefer designing the mobile version of your website.

People check their smartphone at every second. Hence your website should be mobile optimized. A responsive website is must because more than 60% people surfing websites from their smartphone.

Tracking conversions

A website owner don’t pay attention over the idea of tracking their visitors or else checking inquiries. By tracking conversions, you can evaluate the marketing strength of the website and also measure the cost which is required to acquire visitors.

Mention ‘About us’

People want to know more about the company in detail. Being personal is important where you represent yourself in front of webviewers. Your ‘about us’ page should include a message from your leading owner talking about the company’s other best leaders.

Customers want to feel about every company that the group exist only customers’ favor.

Stable CMS and strong backend infrastructure

It depends on the ability of your website to updating contents and interacting with visitors. It can be easily imple content editing from any device, any time. Backed by a Wide community, Secure enough to prevent hacking attempts.

Well Balanced & Perfect

Your website never ever become slow and sloppy only because of broken images and dead links. This is why your website let you down at the first stage only. You need to be aware and regualarly update your website time to time. Each of links would work properly while clicked by visitors.

Is Your Business Strategy Focused on Leveraging Disruption?

November 28, 2017


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When a newly introduced product or service brings radical change in the industry or business strategy creating a new market, disruption is said to occur. When a market is disrupted, you can see changes in the crown market, stock exchange and buyers’ choice.

For example, when Apple introduced iPod in 2005, the MP3 player that puts whole music collection into people’s pockets, revolutionised the whole music industry, signalling the death of then famous Walkman and Discman. But then Apple’s CEO, late Steve Jobs habitually connected with real-world emerging conditions. He noticed that cell phones with cameras were swallowing up the digital camera’s market. He predicted and foresaw the same fate befalling the iPod if those cell phones start coming up with and integrated music player. Tackling that problem during 2007, Apple came up with their own, iPhone.

The above example shows how Apple inclined and took advantage of ongoing market disruption. There is always a choice: stay ahead of disruption to reap its benefits, or stay behind to taste its consequences.

Again, for example, we all witnessed death of NOKIA, once a phone company giant. The management of NOKIA ignored the change and disruption going on in the market. The same goes for Kodak, Blockbuster and much more.

Disruption readies organisations and businesses to produce strategies that are focused on leveraging opportunity and reduce risk. Simply, be the disruption or be disrupted.

Do you have a proper strategy reflecting on shifting real-world conditions? Are you ready for the disruption? Or are you overly attached to your past or present success?

Here, we provide the main points that you and your team need to keep in mind to face the disruption:

1. Have a shared and common understanding of what disruption is and how it might impact your organisation.

2. Have a shared understanding of what critical and developing conditions are especially relevant to your business.

3. Don’t ignore the increasingly rapid nature of disruption into account. Calculate and understand how much time remains before resulting changes from disruption will have a permanent impact on your business.

4. You and your team need to understand which conditions constitute of disruptors or the aspect that have the potential to “turn the game” for your organisation.

5. Ready your resources and supply kit, that will be required to tackle the disruption and changes it brings along the way.

6. Understand how both benefits and risks might affect your businesses’ ability to generate sustainable revenue.

7. Prepare yourself and your team members to keep up with the pace and effect of disruption.

We have all witnesses businesses’ and organizations’ rise and fall throughout the years and the main cause is “disruption” in technology and market. We at Versatile Information Solutions can prepare your business for the upcoming revolution in the market by providing you the necessary assistance and forming a scientifically approved strategy.

Make Money Online With EPS

November 28, 2017


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By Saviour Jesse

There are so many articles now a day on how to make money online, but it difficult to know which of them is true and legitimate for you to do. But thank God a true and that legitimate one which is tried, tested and approved is unveiled. Now it is no news because of the soo many testimonies coming from its users. This is called Email Processing System (EPS). This system is by so far the Best, Simple, and legitimate. It is Empowering people to prosper online as an Email Processor.

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You will receive $25.00 for every email you process. The processing of your 1st email will payoff your membership fee! And then the sky is the limit!

Why Entrepreneurs Need Mental Stability to Succeed?

November 28, 2017


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In the dynamic and growing business world, with regularly changing modern day trends, it is difficult for a business to keep pace with its contemporaries and amid all competition it is more difficult to start a business from the scratch and take it ahead. You are your own boss but every position comes with responsibility. That may sound fascinating and enticing initially but a great deal of self-discipline, risk management and hard work goes into making things work.

To save yourself from taking commands you have to forego many things which must you to follow the 3 C’s, i.e. CONCENTRATION, CONVICTION & CONSISTENCY!

The journey involves many highs and lows but success comes to very few. But then, there is an island of opportunities in the ocean of tragedies and those who recognize this island well in time, make it big in their lives. Let’s have a quick look at some psychological factors that every startup entrepreneur should keep in mind to make it big in the long-term.

1. Dig in Your Heels, Manage Your Funds Well

Be firm, clear and precise with your goals, have a plan and religiously stick to it. Ambiguity in terms of your goals and motive will hurl you down in long-term in terms of both productivity and performance.

Also, never be bothered by the size of your organization. It’s always good to play safe and go for smaller business loans during the first phase and invest a smaller chunk of investment than taking the extreme risk of making major investments.

2. Be Patient, Flexible & Wisely Calculate Your Risks

Patience is the virtue and requires practice like any other art. For any entrepreneur to be successful a prime factor is patience. Since there is no leader, no boss and no one to bear the brunt of loss for a startup venture, so one needs to be patient and optimistic. Keep the bigger the picture in your mind, be flexible and don’t mind incorporating some changes in the process that can help you succeed!

Also, “No pessimist has ever discovered the secrets of stars or unraveled the mysteries of the past.” Foresight, optimism, and patience will take you miles ahead of your contemporaries.

3. Avoid Being Thin-Skinned; Take Criticism to Your Stride

For your startup to be successful it is important to realize the value of the reviews of your customers and associates. No power point presentation can ever leave an impact on your future investors than the life feedback from your customers and present associates. Positive reviews help to garner your business a good start plus takes the investors out of the dilemma of collaborating with you. If the reviews turn out to be negative, take them in your stride, work harder and realise where you need to work more.

4. Go Easy With Your Partner; Take Your Ego Away

Working with a partner requires a huge amount of sacrifice, understanding, and tolerance. You 2 need to have vested interests and common aims. Then, there should be equivalence and understanding between you 2, there should not be the element of being bossy and dominance per se. You need to take your ego out of the equation, analyze each other’s pros and cons and optimize the results.

5. Entrepreneurship is Social Construction

To some extent, entrepreneurship is about the personal traits of the entrepreneur but that’s not enough. It is about social construction, it is a phenomenon where people react to the circumstances based on the ecosystem they are backed by. This includes family members, colleagues, investors, competitors, etc. The interactions between these bring out the combination you are looking for. Hence nurturing this ecosystem and interacting with it is extremely important!

This article is contributed by Nitish Chawla, is a technology platform to simplify legal and business related matters. We are committed to helping startups and small business owners in solving legal compliance related to starting and running their business.Our mission is to offer affordable, quick and automated professional services to clients. Through technology, we bring numerous government/ legal forms at one place and have simplified them to be fully understood by common man.

Direct Sales The Business of The Century

The Fundamental Aspects of Owning a Effective Small Business

November 28, 2017


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Not everyone might challenge to take this specific way and thus it’s reasonable for the reason that privately owned small business needs working totally, you need to get the job done excluding give up seven days a week and every hour, you don’t have a place for laziness or just lack of professionalism.

But provided that the rookie businessman figures out what exactly he aims to achieve, perceives the goal clearly and additionally is truly willing to move through non-permanent problems and as well aggrevations which can chase him on the beginning period of the great way to the economic autonomy – the results running a business is almost secured. When someone has not worked for by his own before any venture of constructing private business venture looks like it’s unreal initially. You need to look over quite a lot, mainly business articles to get acquainted with the challenge.

The initial thing to do in business structure creation is most likely the idea. To paraphrase, make sure you decide on the type of activity that’s going to be the key concern for the business. You will discover numerous alternate options to select and each of these has the pros and cons for its own. Also, you ought to properly estimate ones own real financial capabilities upon the stage of small business building concerning the fundamental along with everyday ones for the starting timeframe.

The main thing is not really to assume that the venture will almost certainly pay back and generate financial gain which may handle the day to day payments without delay. This is an most desirable plan but it really comes to pass hardly ever and it’s very much a nice delight than the law. Moreover, for a similar cause you’ll need to be rather cautious concerning lent means for small business expansion considering that important things might go a different way as opposed to what you anticipate which means you risk to get into the lender’s imprisonment. In the end there’ll be the expenses for the workplace renting, workers’ wages, business furniture, devices and additionally marketing small business.

After you have came to the conclusion which kind of undertaking your potential venture can be pre-occupied with and determined your savings resourceswhich you would like to spend straight into the business, you should come up with a detailed business growth plan. You must have it to assist you to properly evaluate the viewpoints of the future organization and get away from not comfortable circumstances, end up being the ceo of unprofitable undertaking with great amount of debts. You can attempt to compose this yourself, looking at a number of business articles, or perhaps trust it to pros, although it would require some extra cash.

When you’ve accomplished it, what exactly is left can be to put into action all of that inside the specific business. Besides the interest as well as desire to do the job you’ll need understanding in a particular field you have chosen. At the least, you’ll need to be competent in the sort of activity of your business enterprise, regardless if it is household devices, professional developing or perhaps legalised services. That it is a “must have” criteria, the owner of the small business ought to know it inside out, into the littlest detail. Exclusive in such a case the results might be guaranteed. Also, you must know the basics of book keeping. Getting a qualified professional financial advisor will not take care of all your complications, personal duty and the duty for what takes place within your small business will still be your personal issue.

The beginner business owner should never take into account that most of the comprehension will come to him together with valuable experience. Waiting around for the experience to follow you can make plenty of problems which may will cost you you so much. Any time invested in discovering the basic principles of taxes, cadre problems, marketing small business and the theory of the organization control will repay a lot more more and also will help you limit the potential difficulties of one’s small business.

Cape Ads And Alternatives

November 28, 2017


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All modern internet users will at one time or another need to visit an online classifieds site. The reasons differ because some might want to sell items, products or services whilst others will want to buy. Whatever your reason for needing a classifieds site be sure to know that you will probably find just what you are looking for – and more!

In the past consumers needed to advertise their products in newspapers, or other cumbersome forms of printed media where space was at a premium and came with a commensurate cost. Thankfully, the internet has changed all that so now it is quite affordable for the average person to upload an ad and see if they can find a buyer. The whole process takes only a few mnutes and often costs nothing more than the time you spent uploading an ad. There are also ways to maximise the benefits of your listing by increasing its exposure such as by moving it up in the search results or otherwise making it more prominent.

Internet users have become so used to the online classifieds that these sites are often the most popular in a particular area of geographic region. For instance in South Africa alone there are at least two major classifieds players and these include gumtree and junkmail. In the Cape Area there is “Cape Ads” which appears to be affiliated with Junkmail given that it has a similar logo.

There are surprisingly alternatives to the usual classifieds site that are worth knowing about. Let’s say you were interested in buying or selling real estate and you did not want to use a classifieds interface then there are other options like using a property portal. South Africa has lots of different property portals such as, and to name a few. They all share the common feature that they are specialised sites that allow users to list property by their features and allow users to search for specific region or qualities.

So whatever your reasons for wanting to use a classifieds there is a site out there for you. It pays to do some initial research just to find one that has lots of listings and a decent amount of traffic – after all you don’t want to list your item, or property where no one is going to find it. Once you have made the listing it’s time to sit back and let the classifieds to its work.

When you do get a reply be sure to answer the enquiry accurately and completely. Buyers do not want to be sucked into buying products they don’t need or which don’t meet their personal requirements so honesty here is key.

Young enterpreneur developing real estate related websites for South Africa Young enterpreneur building websites that help South Africans engage in business and commerce including marketing of cape ads alternatives

Tips For Getting Ready For a Great Trip

November 28, 2017


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Look out for where it is that you purchase your vacation package from, make sure it’s from a trusted business and also make sure you make your payment with a credit card in case you need to dispute anything.

With that out of the way, let’s point out the essentials about travelling around the globe on an addressless basis.

Very importantly, travel “fashionably light”. Meaning that you should only take the minimalistic art of clothing with you. Some polyester pants that you can wear on a night out, but also wash and pack really quick, a pair of plain colored tanktops and a nice camera to capture it all. A ziploc bag with your travelling toothbrush and toothpaste and a couple of good books to read.
If you are planning on taking off for a good while, you’ll start noticing that carrying all this stuff around will start taking a toll on you, so it’s a great way to go on a Buy It There basis. And also, don’t buy if you can borrow.

There are a few other items of course you must take with you, but that entirely depends on what you deem essential.

As you keep going and experiencing, make sure you find your way into cheaper deals, negotiating and offering something in return, as people love it when you can get/provide things for them, and they’ll always be happy to respond in kind.

If you try to plan for and carry the necessary items for every contingency, soon you’ll find yourself bringing a flashlight, umbrella, hiking boots, nice clothes to wear to a restaurant, etc. What works best is to allocate around $100 usd for every location you go to, to get the items you need, use, and dispose of later.

Also, go for the lighter weight items to carry with you. Clothes that are not heavy, can dry fast and are wrinkle resistant.

Take a nice but small camera with you. This one is an obvious one, but many people try to take the best camera out there possible, when one that’s not larger than the palm of your hand with a nice 2GB memory card that takes video too, works wonders, and will definitely not regret it.

Alex is an enterpreneur and a travel fan who spends his time looking for better ways to get around the globe, while working from his computer anywhere he goes. He enjoys creating websites and providing people with great reviews to products, such as

Memory Foam Topper For Your Comfortible And Healthy Sleep

November 28, 2017


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Memory foam topper have many sizes, it standard sizes has three; queen, king, and twin, moreover memory foam topper also has thickness varies; two, three, or four inches. You can spend your money from $38 to $600 for memory foam topper, depending on your require of thickness and sizes.

Memory foam topper has been developed by NASA back in 1970’s to help the astronaut’s flight chair with something during lift off of the G-forces, pressure point. Nowadays, medical facilities and hospitals using memory foam topper for the patient’s bed since they found memory foam topper worked so well, and after that public used it. The memory foam topper allows absorption of equal weight because it is made from visco-elastic layers, no matter if the person weigh is fifty or ninety, it will be the same.

Memory foam topper has two types, the first one is liquid poured form into trays that allowed to cool, it is called Novaform. Any depression or movement of the mattress foam topper are can be reduced by Novaform, that is why the advertisement of Novaform in television is like there is a person and a glass of wine, the person jump on the bed and the wine never tipped over. The memory foam topper has been consumer’s popular choice. There is a problem with the old one of memory foam toppers, it dispersing body heat. And the new technology used from visco-elastic will increase the airflow that will cause body heat move away. Novaform also has a machine washable feature and warranty.

There will be no area or homeway for dust mites because it has no high humidity area, that is another benefit from memory foam topper. You may already know that those disgusting bugs live on your cells of dead skin. Such reducing from the allergies, problem of respiratory or asthma may caused by that. So this memory foam topper will make you bug free sleep.

There is a competitive manufacturer to Novaform, Sleep Aid. Liquid form foam poured causes memory foam topper to become denser from the bottom to the top, Sleep Aid believed. Vacuum chamber which is produced to ensure its memory foam uniform density has been discovered as a new technique. So Novaform’s chemical makeup and density can still produce hot spots. Heat Reduction Channels System finishing process from Sleep Aid therefore cuts the ventilation grooves deep into the pad surface, and circulating air can keep you feel cooler. If you want to sleep more comfortable, your bedroom’s temperature must not reach more than 65 degrees.

I purchased memory foam topper in 2007 and it was my best choice for my sleep. I wish i will buy a new one sooner, it makes my sleep comfort and i feel stiffness in the morning or back pain no more. I feel like i am in a cocoon, comfortable and warm. But there is one complaints of memory foam topper that makes me keep my bedroom’s temperature much lower, it does absorb your body heat, and to keep the air circulated i am also using a ceiling fan.

Just like another new products, first time you have your memory foam topper, you will smell a chemical thing from the fabrique for a short time. Do not forget to check on the lenght of your memory foam topper, most of them are cut about one to two inches short. This thing allows to fit your sheets better.

For the summary of those article, once again memory foam topper will not allow bed bugs or dust mites to live in it, there will be no more allergy. I recommend memory foam topper for anyone in the hospital, suffering back pain, or on bed rest. I have no idea if i do not have this in my bedroom, i will purchase another of this soon for my family. And for the grandchildrens, they will not be disturbing their parent’s bed during the night if they got a memory foam topper.

Personality Traits of an Entrepreneur

November 28, 2017


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An entrepreneur is a person engaged in a business or in the formulation and implementation of an idea and hence reaps full benefits from its success or suffers when it fails.

The word “entrepreneur” is borrowed from the French language and it is believed to have been coined by the celebrated French Economist Jean-Baptiste Say in the year 1800. He defined an entrepreneur as “one who undertakes an enterprise, especially a contractor, acting as an intermediary between capital and labor.”

Essentially, entrepreneurs are those who start a new businesses or ideas and implement it according to the plan until it becomes a success story that can be embraced or copied by others. But are there any personality traits of an entrepreneur or for that matter a successful entrepreneur? Yes, for one to be a successful entrepreneur, he/she must possess certain unique traits that are a prerequisite for the success of the enterprise.

The key personality trait if an enterpreneur is that he must be self-driven and motivated to achieve the utmost in any endeavor he lays his hands on. This motivation should sometimes be to the point of being an obsession. Once he sets goals to be achieved, they must be achieved at any cost.

There is nothing that can be achieved without somebody breaking a sweat. Another important personality trait of an entrepreneur is that he must work hard to realize his goals. Working your socks off and setting your eyes on the prize is the only way to come out successfully as a businessman.

To embrace a business idea and work to implement it to fruition, one has to be a visionary. This is one of the very important personality traits of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur must be farsighted and creative when laying the groundwork for his idea. This way, he/she focuses on the bigger and overall picture of the idea to be implemented and the vision brings the passion that drives the successful implementation of the initiative.

Another of important personality traits of an entrepreneur is that he has to be a strategist to implement properly an idea that has fermented well in his mind. This involves proper planning and figuring out that everything is in place and is done according to the laid down plan.

Entrepreneurs should be independent minded and always think outside the box. They should not be conformist who will be easily swept to toe the line for the sake of agreeing with conventions but rather self-thinkers who follow personal intuition at the expense of popular opinion.

Achievers are inundated with endless supply of resilience and oozes with commitment to achieve “to whatever it takes” attitude. Sometimes it takes a short time for an idea to be embraced or to sell to the intended clients but at other times, the entrepreneur must wait a little bit longer before the idea is accepted. Thus commitment and resilience are two other must have personality traits of an entrepreneur.

Any engagement has equal chances of succeeding or failing. Entrepreneurs must be risk takers who are aware that their ideas stand to succeed or fail because of reasons that are sometimes beyond their control. The higher the risk, the greater are the benefits. Although entrepreneurs need not take bigger risks as long as they have planned well what they want to do and roll it out as per the laid down plan.

These are the personality traits of an entrepreneur. Most famous and successful entrepreneurs have been found to posses these traits